TriBeCa Native, Inc.
was founded in 2003. It’s mission as a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization, is to raise funds to support institutions that facilitate progressive social change by addressing the underlying conditions of societal and environmental issues in TriBeCa, lower Manhattan and in the greater boroughs of New York City.

TriBeCa Native draws its inspiration from the creation of Charles Harvey’s 1865 elevated railway that united lower Manhattan’s spice merchants into a mercantile powerhouse. Today the echoes of these rails of innovation traverse through our efforts to connect with both residents and businesses to help those in need.


TriBeCa Native Events & Initiatives
For Community Improvement:

TriBeCa Native serves as a fundraising arm for other community organizations by developing and coordinating events. Event ideas are originated and executed by TriBeCa Native. Our hope is to develop experiences that over time inspire a group or body that patronizes, supports, or offers representation thereby creating a grass-roots constituency for continuing the event annually.

We strive for innovative ways to improve the quality of life through community sponsored improvement projects. Our goal is to take an individual’s needs to a new level that affect and reach beyond the community.


TriBeCa Native Supports:

Through our initiatives and events, contributions go to organizations that foster societal or environmental change by addressing the root cause of problems in the community rather than groups that try and addresses the consequence of problems. Association for Community Employment (ACE) is just one of the organization we support which address individuals and the community as a whole from the ground up.